'Film tableaux', 2007

As an artist, I watch films and TV series for special moments, worthwhile for my own visual work. I watch episodes from tv-series and films, not in an ordinary way but accelerated. This leeds to a direct way of viewing and deciding if a location, persons in a setting and/or a scene is cinematically interesting, and therefore interesting for my work.

The choice of television series or films from which I make a selection, don’t carry high quality standards but could be a representation of the choice of an average spectator. In taking photographs of these moments, I 'borrow' the director, the cameraman and the person responsible for the lighting and turn this cinematic moment into a starting point for my work.

In the series 'Film tableau’s' and 'Motel Paradise' you can find expressive elements of the American (pictural) culture: the diner, the motel, the American car, the neon light and other artificial light sources.

Karin Buchholtz, 2007