'Made in Arnhem', 2005
Once in every 5 years the project Made in Arnhem takes place. It’s a collaboration of artists and designers working together with the Museum of modern Art, the School of Art and the city council of Arnhem. The institution 'Epicentrum' in which my photography-project was placed, had 'experiencing public spaces' as its work theme.

My project:
I met several people in a square kilometre between the train stations Velperpoort and Arnhem – central on 3 evenings in April 2005 between 9.30 and 10.00 p.m.

I would step up to them and ask them if they would want to cooperate in making a photo reportage with the space/spot where they happened to be standing and what they were doing as starting point. In doing so and despite the fact of being complete strangers we shared the same public space for a moment. The artificial light, the evening and the places where we 'coincidentally' met, were important factors in my photographical products.

These unexpected and unprepared meetings have been captured in photographs and show us public space as a setting / scenery for a storyboard of a film which will (n)ever be made. A fictional story of people who share being passers by, captured on that spot, at that moment.

Karin Buchholtz